The Life Solution Center of Darien is a collaborative community providing education, treatment, prevention, and multi-disciplinary answers to life’s problems. Its mission is to help people through challenges and transitions by providing a network of professionals under one roof who are uniquely positioned to address the whole person in multiple facets of his or her life.

The Center was created by Founder Maud Purcell in 2009 to address the difficulty people have receiving quality, comprehensive care from a variety of providers, and the difficulty providers have making their services accessible to those in need.

Over the course of her career as a psychotherapist, executive coach, and corporate consultant, Maud recognized a commonality amongst her patients: Regardless of their reason for seeking help, many required services in addition to psychotherapy that would significantly improve their situations.

While Maud had ready access to professionals in law, general medicine, financial services, home organizing, career/college counseling—to name a few—she found patients lacked the time, motivation, information, or emotional resources to make appointments in multiple places. As a result, while patients progressed in therapy, they were hindered significantly by the fact that they infrequently, irregularly, or never accessed these other services.

Maud’s answer was to create The Life Solution Center of Darien in order to provide a more direct and accessible route to these services. This approach benefits both the client in need of the services and the professionals offering them. Having a readily available network of providers under one roof engenders a single, comprehensive, standard of care that clients can easily access to address a variety of needs and expectations in one place.



The Life Solution Center of Darien is comprised of Professionals who specialize in helping people increase their general well-being, especially through times of challenge and transition. Spanning a variety of industries including but not limited to, addiction, mental/behavioral and medical health, nutrition, finance, legal, education, futures planning and alternative therapies, they are all committed to the cause of collaborative care.

Our clients are the most important part of our community. Those who utilize The Life Solution Center of Darien are individuals who realize the importance of treating the entire person in all facets of life. Many are hard-working professionals juggling the expectations of highly intensive personal and professional lives. They come to The Life Solution Center for the ease of access to high-caliber, cutting-edge knowledge, and unmatched expertise of several professionals in a variety of industries, all under one roof.



Access to a highly diverse range of services under one roof; one-stop shopping.

Professionals who have been thoroughly vetted for quality of care and customer service.

Highly coordinated and collaborative care that treats the whole person, inside and out.

Opportunity to create your own team from the wide array of professionals at the Center.

Cutting-edge Psychiatric Services provided by staff from major teaching hospitals

Option to attend presentations and workshops on a wide range of interdisciplinary topics