Anna Warm, MA

Standardized Test Preparation & General Support in English
Verbal SAT Tutoring & General Support in English ​

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Looking for verbal and English support for your high-school aged children? “Whether preparing students for standardized testing, editing college essays, or enhancing classroom performance, I am committed to helping students gain confidence on their journeys to success.”

Anna Warm taught English and occasionally Latin I and II at New Canaan High School for over 25 years. As she worked with students, she realized that so many needed more specialized assistance than was possible with the time constraints and class sizes of public school education. As a result, she began tutoring privately and enjoyed the luxury of working with an individual toward his or her personal goal, be it a higher standardized test score, enhanced writing skills or more sophisticated literary analysis. Anna believes in helping students identify their style of learning and learn how to approach material in a manner that optimizes their use of time and brings them sought after success.

Anna delights in the fact that she has been often “handed down” in families from oldest child to youngest and is available to her former and current students on email for editing, Skype for discussions of novels and essays and, of course, in person. Students away at private boarding schools find Skype particularly useful. She enjoys working with a range of ages, from middle school into graduate school with an emphasis on the high school years. Anna remains a certified CT. teacher and has worked with students presenting a range of abilities in New Canaan’s night school and summer school programs.

A cum laude graduate of Marymount College, Anna received an M.A. in English from The University of Dayton and has completed 30 additional hours of graduate work in English and education. She has taken courses at Worcester College, Oxford and at Berkeley’s summer program in London.

Anna believes that a good tutor should be careful not to make the student too dependent on his or her help, choosing instead to set the student on a course toward independent success.