Breakfast Boosts Brain Power!

Breakfast Supports School Performance

Nutrition is not sufficiently acknowledged as a tool that supports a child’s performance at school. For instance, tools frequently discussed focus on the ways t0 support weak academic and executive function skills. In addition, 504 Accommodation Plans or Individualized Education Programs are tools to support children with learning differences. I, too, have frequently posted about recognizing the need for academic scaffolding and intervention. However, there needs to be increased awareness and importance placed on another form of support: nutrition at breakfast. Moreover, the benefits of breakfast boosting brain power have been researched and proven.

How Breakfast Helps

Children’s bodies are growing quickly. Food supports this growth and provides energy. Fasting occurs during a night of sleep when there is no food or drink. As a result, there is a drop in blood sugar. This already low blood sugar level will continue to drop until it is replenished at lunchtime. Therefore, students can experience a sluggish feeling, fatigue, and a lowered ability to concentrate. Blood sugar is brought up to a healthy level by eating a good breakfast. Then, the children will have the necessary energy to perform well in classes until lunchtime.

Neuroscience research centers have determined that eating a healthy breakfast is linked to improved school performance. First, improvements have been observed in concentration, better test scores and increased energy. Second, there was suggestive evidence that eating a quality breakfast regularly has a positive effect on children’s academic performance. Interestingly, the clearest effects were observed in mathematics, reading, and science.  The nutrients in breakfast such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and dairy provide the energy necessary to increase cognitive performance and problem-solving skills.

Recognizing the Benefits of Breakfast

“Dozens of studies from as far back as the 1950s have consistently shown that children who eat breakfast perform better academically than those who don’t,” was reported on National Public Radio (NPR). Public schools around the country are now providing breakfasts at school in the lunchroom. As a result, more than 14 million children each day are served by the School Breakfast Lunch Program.

So, be sure to support your child’s performance at school with a healthy breakfast to jump start his or her day!

Brain foods and breakfast ideas

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