Ellen Weston, B.S. Ed., MBA

Educational Consultant and Founder, Children’s Educational Consulting LLC

email: solutions.cec@gmail.com       

phone: 203.559.5359

website: www.cecsolution.com

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Concerned about your child’s educational experience? “The benefits of early educational planning set the developmental foundation for success in later years and help minimize educational challenges later on in life.”

Children’s Educational Consulting was established to provide parents with insightful educational strategies to improve their children’s long-term academic performance. CEC identifies four correctable key factors effecting children’s academic success. CEC offers parents insights and strategic support to finding the right-fit school based on their children’s uniqueness as well as assessing the best age to begin school. Math skill assessment/tutoring and academic skill support are also offered. The benefits of early educational planning during the formative academic years – from 4 through 14 years old – set the developmental foundation for success in later years and help minimize educational challenges later on in life. The consulting practice is the exciting apex of her comprehensive knowledge, experience, and multiple careers.

Ellen brings valuable experience from her demanding roles as an administrator and teacher at St. Aloysius School, New Canaan, CT. An administrator for ten years, she functioned as Director of Admissions responsible for enrollment, new admissions, marketing, and publicity. Ellen worked tirelessly building relationships with parents, families, students, and faculty. Through her efforts, the school’s retention rate and new enrollment increased to the highest level in the school’s 60-year history. She developed a working rapport and reciprocity with the local community and area schools. Ellen brings a high level of energy and knowledge to her commitments and delivers the same with professionalism, generosity, and kindness.

To her role as an upper school math teacher, she brought the same energy, dedication, creativity, perseverance, patience and humor. In addition to her teaching position of thirteen years, she served on the Connecticut math committee assessing the rigor of the school’s math curriculum vis a vis the Connecticut state standards, selected the math text book series for the upper school math program – that added differentiated instruction, a technology online component, and facilitated math connections to the every day world – and was a mentor for new teachers. Her instructional strategies, understanding of the curriculum and student assessment were excellent. Ellen’s differentiated instruction, skill in assessing individual learning styles and modalities and ability to develop student-focused teaching strategies created a stimulating learning environment that was both challenging and fun. Her students demonstrated competency with time management, organizational, and test-taking skills, and measurably improved their performance on standardized tests.

Ellen is currently on the adjunct teaching staff of Norwalk Community College. Her earlier education experiences include teaching at Brunswick School, Greenwich CT, and Stamford High School, Stamford CT. Prior to education, she served as Chief Financial
Officer of Pacific Presbyterian Medical Center’s Continuing Care Division and held Vice President positions at various commercial banks.