EMPWR Treatment Model at Turnbridge

Turnbridge redefines the way it conceptualizes care to address an evolving patient population

Turnbridge introduced the EMPWR care model and acuity-informed programming to increase its ability to individualize holistic treatment for mental health and substance use disorders. As we know, dual-diagnosis conditions are often highly nuanced diagnoses that require highly personalized treatment approaches.









EMPWR Treatment Model at Turnbridge









Turnbridge is known for its innovative clinical approaches and ongoing program optimization. Turnbridge developed its EMPWR model of care using insights gleaned from thousands of young adult treatment episodes to improve the program’s ability to balance care delivery according to developing client needs. EMPWR is a holistic model that addresses; Emotional Health, Mental Health, Physical Health, Work Performance, and Relational Health. The model is used by the Turnbridge team to assess and track all aspects of client health and adjust individualized care plans throughout a client’s stay.

The success of the EMPWR model is fueled by the continuous collection and utilization of data to verify self-reported progress. Each client’s behavioral data is measured against their emotional affect to give the treatment team a consistent and factual view of client disposition. Turnbridge collects more than 30 pieces of client data per day, providing a real-time understanding of client health, skill development, and treatment engagement.


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In these uncertain times of the COVID-19 crisis, your mental health and well-being are more important than ever.

Many of our practitioners are happy to conduct video, FaceTime or telephone sessions in order to provide you with safe and effective continuity of care.

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