Forever Slim!

Honestly, I have been on many diets. And honestly, they have all worked for a time, but gradually all the weight has come back, and then some.

Mindful eating is the exact opposite of being on a diet. It is a system of habits that you learn, and once they become part of your being, will forever change the way you eat.

BUT… and this BUT is what sets Pathway to Mindfulness’ approach apart from every other mindful eating practice: We allow our clients to be on a diet while they are learning how to embrace mindful eating. In fact, we encourage it.

About diets

Most mindful eating proponents say you don’t have to diet to lose weight and that diets don’t work. That may be true for some people. However, they also say that there are no good or bad foods, and suggest that you can eat anything, as long as you do so mindfully. For most people with weight to lose, that license to eat anything can start an eating binge. In mindful eating, that binge is simply to be noticed and not judged; all you need to do is simply forget about it and begin working the mindful eating principles.

We embrace that concept. But we also know that without following a certain way of eating, choosing the foods that will translate into a weight loss is hard. And getting back on track is sometimes impossible.

We encourage our clients to find an eating plan – and yes it might be a diet – that offers them the ability to eat the foods that agree with them, give them energy, enable them to sleep at night, and lose the pounds that are keeping them from enjoying a full, productive life. From the beginning, we teach them how to identify the foods that do not agree with their bodies, so they can find an eating plan that focuses on the food that nourishes them.

And one more thing: Diets do work, but most never tell you how to turn off your negative inner voice, the one that keeps many of us fat. Turning off – or at the very least changing the voice’s tone to a more positive note – is key to our mindful eating program. It is key to maintaining your slim body once the “diet” is over.

Mindful eating with a twist

With our approach you will drastically change the way you forever look at food. And you will learn a lot about yourself in the process. You will learn how to love yourself, and forgive yourself for gaining weight.

How you eat will change drastically. You will learn the principles of mindful eating, you will learn how an easy daily meditation will enable you to shut off the voices in your head, and once you reach the goal weight, you will be calm knowing the weight will not return, as long as you continue to practice the principles of mindful eating.

Mindful eating is a gift that last a lifetime and will transform how you live every aspect of your life.

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