FREE Hypnosis Audio from Dr. Peter Gardner to Help Deal with the COVID-19 Crisis

In these very uncertain times, we could use all of the help we can get to deal with the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis. Our very own, Dr. Peter Gardner, Certified Hypnotherapist is offering a series of free audio to help you! Here is the first segment which offers tips for hand washing, no-face touching and social distancing.


Peter W. Gardner, MD is a certified Hypnotherapist who treats Smoking, Anxiety, Fears, Phobias and Habits, Tinnitus, Insomnia among many other things.  He has achieved the status of an Approved Consultant in the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis – he consults with and trains other hypnotherapists.  He is also a Board Member of the New York Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

Dr. Gardner is board-certified physician who practiced Gastroenterology and Hepatology for 30 years and is certified, as well, by the American Board of Internal Medicine (in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology).

Dr. Gardner focuses on conditions that are amenable to hypnosis and for which there is compelling evidence of its effectiveness. He has advanced certification in Smoking Cessation. In addition, with his medical background he is able to approach issues from a unique perspective, different from most others who practice hypnosis. For example, if he feels the patient would be better treated with medication or therapies other than hypnosis, he’ll try to identify the medical cause and then suggest to the patient that they see their physician for further treatment. He has practiced hypnosis both while practicing Gastroenterology (several colonoscopies with patients under hypnosis) and now, exclusively.

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In these uncertain times of the COVID-19 crisis, your mental health and well-being are more important than ever.

Many of our practitioners are happy to conduct video, FaceTime or telephone sessions in order to provide you with safe and effective continuity of care.

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