Getting Married in Fairfield County on a Budget

Getting Married in Fairfield County on a Budget
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Wedding season is officially here, and I’m reminiscing back to my own big day, almost exactly 5 years ago. I still pat myself (and my husband) on the back for how we handled the budget for it. If you know anything about Fairfield County, Connecticut, you know that the cost of a wedding can get out of hand very quickly. Venue, flowers, music, photography, etc. You can be looking at $70k, $80k, $100k easily. Many local weddings are much, much more than that even. Our secret to keeping that number much smaller was by identifying the few things that we both really think makes a wedding unforgettable, and focusing our funds on those categories. In our case, we chose 1) venue, 2) music, and 3) bar… because what’s a wedding without a fantastic open bar, am I right?? No corners cut on those three items. We cut corners everywhere else.

Venue: We had an absolutely stunning cocktail hour and reception at the Riverside Yacht Club in Greenwich, CT which was available to us because of our gracious aunt who was willing to serve as our host. Shout out to Aunt Marge!!

Music: ETA Music all the way. We’ve seen them play countless times at local restaurants and they are NOT to be missed. I wish I could write them 1,000 glowing reviews. We couldn’t kick people off the dance floor; in fact, we had to extend the reception by 30 min!

Bar: Open bar with wine, booze and beer. NO SHOTS! Things can get out of hand, people!

We have people to this very day telling us that our wedding was the best one they have ever been to. I will never tire of hearing that. I’m biased, but I must agree.

Moral of the story? Forget the wedding budget templates that tell you x% of your overall budget should be spent on a videographer. Whittle it down to the things you think are MOST important and direct your funds there. You’ll save a bunch of money and your guests will never know the difference.

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