Invest in Strong Primary School Education

Your child’s primary school education is one of the most important investments you can make. As a loving parent, you want the best for your child. You have cared for and nurtured your child since birth and you will continue to act with your child’s interests in mind. And, when it comes to education, you want the best as well.  There are steps you can take as a parent to assure that your child is off to a good educational start by providing a strong primary school education.

Importance of Primary School Education

First, let’s understand the importance of a primary school education.  The objective of primary school, defined as kindergarten thru eighth grade is to provide the young student with long-reaching educational opportunities. These opportunities are to acquire: literacy, numeracy, creativity and communication skills. Your son or daughter should enjoy learning and develop a desire to continue learning.  Good teachers play an important role as well.  They inspire students’ minds, expose them to the joys of learning, and give them the foundation for lifelong success.

“During their primary education, students are taught to think critically, to strive to attain high standards, to meet the challenges posed by technological advancements and to develop citizenship and basic values…” and “…a quality primary education is vital to the success of the student’s school career…” from Importance of Primary Education.1 To quote Dr. Martin Luther King: “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”

Choosing the Right School

Next is choosing a school. It is important to carefully assess the schools in your area.  Is the districted school right for your child? Are the driving logistics and tuition realistic for your family if considering a private school? Spend time getting familiar with the various school choices.  Attend as many Open Houses as possible. Compare the schools to each other. Then, compare their approach to learning and the learning environment, the size of classes, and the quality of the teachers. Can the school provide your child the support he or she may need?  How does the school communicate with parents?

Consider Your Child

Third, listen to your child.  Think about how your child learns, your child’s needs and personality. Does your child need support or have special learning needs? Consider whether your child will thrive better in a large or small environment.

Seek Professional Guidance

Finally, consider consulting a primary school educational consultant. An educational consultant will be skilled with navigating this matrix of decisions. The consultant will be familiar with the area’s schools, their curricula and culture, and can advise how to best meet your child’s unique needs.

In conclusion, it matters less whether the school is public, private, religious or other.  What matters most is that the school is right for your child. Choosing the best school for your child sets the stage for learning.  It is this early stage, the primary school years, which will serve as the foundation for everything that comes after. Find the best environment where your child will be able to absorb those far-reaching opportunities and be able to learn life-long critical skills. That’s why it’s crucial to get it right from the start! Catching up later is a lot harder, more complicated and, often, expensive. Plan now for later.  Giving your child a strong primary school education can be a life changing investment in your child’s future.

Source: Importance of Primary Education

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