Janice G. Leiper, MSW, LCSW

Individual, Relationship and Marital Therapy

email: Janice@janicegleiper.com

phone: (203) 968-0708

website: www.janicegleiper.com

We get hurt in relationships and we heal in relationships. How are yours? Need help in repairing or enhancing yours? Need to improve your communication?

Janice specializes in helping people work on having healthy, secure-functioning relationships whether as committed partners, spouses, co-workers or family members. She does this by creating a safe space where people can feel comfortable enough to become conscious of their longings underneath their frustrations, stop their reactivity and regain connection with the other.

After years of experience seeing the healing that is possible in relationships, Janice is passionate about helping others hold hope, do the work, and see incredible results. Often people think that it will take so much to turn things around; they feel hopeless. Couples are too quick to throw away their marriage. Janice helps her clients to see how in fact a little change can go a long way. She offers pre-marital, marital, couples counseling, discernment counseling for those deciding “should I stay or go”, and individual psychotherapy.

Janice holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh and is an Advanced Certified Imago Therapist. Her work is informed by many training and certification programs that she has attended over the years including: Emotionally Focused Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/tapping), Internal Family Systems (IFS), alcoholism training, Employee Assistance training, discernment counseling, and EMDR.

Her priority is to create a safe, non-judgmental space for her clients where she can meet them from a place of curiosity, compassion, and service. As a psychology professional with a diverse background, Janice has worked with individuals from all walks of life. Early in her career, she ran an institutional parole office inside a women’s prison in Pennsylvania. Later she directed Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) at a number of large corporations, including Weirton Steel, AIG’s NYC headquarters, GE Capital, and Loral Electronics. Janice also ran a DUI program for first time offenders through a regional alcoholism program. Eventually, she built up a private psychotherapy practice in Stamford, Connecticut that she maintains to this day.

At the Life Solution Center of Darien Janice welcomes clients seeking individual or couples counseling.