Lily Tangen, MA

Academic Tutor


phone: 203.247.6851

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Do your children need help with academic skill building or attention to executive functioning? “Give your children the boost they need to fulfill their maximum potential in and out of the classroom.”

Lily Tangen is a certified Elementary School Teacher and has five years of teaching experience. She earned a MA Hons degree from The University of St Andrews in Scotland and has a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (approximately equivalent to MA Ed in USA) from Roehampton University, London England. Previously, Lily served in the management team of the faculty at Thomas’s London Day School, as the Subject Coordinator for PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education).

Lily currently runs a tutoring business for Elementary and Middle School children. She works one-to-one or in small groups with students as a learning support specialist focusing on academic skill building, homework and test-taking skills, executive functioning, and attention and behavioral strategies. She also has experience working with students with special educational needs.

Lily’s mission is to instill and foster a love of learning in children Pre-K through Sixth Grade.