Maud Purcell Celebrates 10 Years of Life Solution Center of Darien

Maud PurcellIn her many years of practice as a Psychotherapist, Executive Coach and Corporate Consultant, Maud Purcell recognized a commonality amongst patients:

Regardless of their reason for seeking help, many required services in addition to psychotherapy that would have significantly improved their treatment outcomes and quality of life.

While Maud had ready access to professionals in law, general medicine, financial services, home organizing, career counseling-to name a few-she found patients lacked the time, motivation, information, or emotional resources to make appointments in multiple places. While patients progressed in therapy, they were hindered significantly by the fact that they infrequently accessed these other services.

As a separate issue, Maud recognized that the professionals she was referring to for these services were struggling to grow their own businesses in what had been a less-than-favorable economic environment.

To provide a more direct and accessible route to these services by including them within a readily available network of providers, generally under one roof, maintained by a cohesive brand that engenders trust and allows for effective coordination of care. This center is a community specific and perfect for a License model in which a local, influential business person or service provider could easily start one and cater to the clientele within the geographic area.

The Life Solution Center of Darien is a collaborative community providing education, treatment, prevention, and multi-disciplinary answers to life’s problems. Its mission is to help people through challenges and transitions by providing a network of professionals under one roof who are uniquely positioned to address the whole person in multiple facets of his or her life.


Throughout her career and assisted by her collaborative approach with other practitioners, Maud has developed The Whole Life Assessment™,  a thorough and proprietary evaluation that provides for both those who identify as struggling with mental health issues, and those who are trying to make the most of their lives. From helping solve complex problems to simply living better, this assessment takes a uniquely comprehensive look at the client’s life, to provide an action plan for well-rounded and successful living.

Maud loves the challenge of tailor-fitting a treatment plan to meet the specific therapeutic needs of her clients and further—as necessary—constructing a team of professionals to provide them with holistic, multi-dimensional solutions, beyond what psychotherapy alone can provide. Her practice approach is based on her favorite definition of creativity—combining two or more old ideas in new ways to achieve a unique and effective outcome.

Maud works extensively with adults, couples, and teens to help them find straightforward, common-sense solutions to their problems, using a short-term, solution-focused, and integrative approach. Her clients are often driven and motivated individuals, struggling to balance the demands of success with their personal lives, who need therapeutic support in the form of a personalized plan to maximize their potential. Maud weaves a unique blend of warmth and humor into her work.

Influenced by her extensive experience with corporations (listed below), Maud is adept at improving interpersonal relationships and corporate cultures.

Maud holds a bachelor’s degree from Trinity College and completed her graduate studies at the University of South Carolina (Summa cum Laude), where she was selected as Outstanding Micro Practice Student and was inducted into Alpha Delta Mu, the National Honor Society for her discipline.

Frequently interviewed by the media both nationally and internationally, Maud’s professional advice and work have appeared on countless news outlets and websites, usually on a recurring basis (including but not limited to):

  • The Discovery Health Channel
  • News Channel 12 CT
  • The New York Times
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Forbes
  • Elle Magazine
  • The Stamford Advocate
  • Greenwich Time
  • CT Post
  • Danbury News Times
  • Albany Times Union
  • Maria Shriver’s Women’s Conference
  • com

Maud has provided extensive expertise as an Executive Coach and a Certified Employee Assistance Professional for the following corporations and organizations (including but not limited to):

  • GlaxoSmithKlein (Expert Roundtable)
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Duracell
  • James River
  • Learning International
  • Times Mirror, Inc.
  • Cummings & Lockwood

She has also served, or is serving, on the board of directors, or in an advisory role for the following organizations:

  • The Human Services Planning Council
  • Darien Domestic Abuse Partnership
  • Classes 4 Classes, Inc.

To see the many media appearances and topics Maud has covered, see library here:

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To learn more about Maud Purcell, go to: or email: or call: (203) 636-0080. To learn more about The Life Solution Center, go

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