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Need effective messaging and design for your business?

Alix Morrow has over a decade of experience in marketing, public relations and advertising for both corporate and non-profit organizations in New York & Chicago.  She started BusinessDifferently in 2011 to create more lucrative sales opportunities for businesses through content marketing.
Today, she helps these businesses design and implement marketing strategy through audience identification, story-telling, and strategic implementation. Alix’s design and writing skills are well honed through years of experience in business to business and business to consumer marketing and communications, including branding, digital marketing, direct marketing, social media planning, ad planning, speechwriting, and web layout and content creation.
Alix uses her skill-set to provide strategy, design, and written content for professionals and organizations looking to create or refine their branding and marketing platforms. Inspired by the question “In every venture lies a story, what’s yours?” Alix has helped launch over 20 entrepreneurial brands nationally. She specializes in working with start ups, non-profits, and a variety of people in professional services industries including executive coaches, therapists, financial professionals, lawyers, and doctors. Her interest in business lies in the people behind the work.
In every consulting partnership, Alix works from the inside out to discover how your personal mindset and experience drive your professional choices and goals. She establishes your “draw”– what sets you apart from others in your field–and from there determines your unique benefit to clients. She combines these facets, often under-explored in the professional realm, to construct a narrative around your business ultimately inform the creation of your brand.

``Business Differently provides a unique, client-centric marketing approach that is individually tailored to the needs of each business.``

Currently, Alix serves as the Chairman for Classes 4 Classes, Inc., and on the Marketing Committee for The Dramatists Guild Foundation, the public charity arm of the Dramatists Guild of America. She also formerly served on the Board of Directors for Science Delivered.
Prior to starting her own business, Alix taught literature at Columbia College. She has an MA in literature from the University of Chicago, a BA in literature from Trinity College, and an MFA in Creative Writing from Fairfield University. In her spare time she enjoys writing fiction, reading, and spending time with her husband and daughter.

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