Deborah Noonan, JD

Family Law Attorney
Divorce Mediation & Collaborative Divorce

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Seeking an alternative to costly, high-conflict divorce settlements?
Deborah Noonan, JD is an experienced family law attorney who limits her practice to divorce mediation and Collaborative Divorce.  After spending a number of years litigating divorces, and witnessing firsthand the harm contentious divorces cause families, especially children, Deborah decided to focus her family law practice on alternative methods of dispute resolution.
As a mediator and collaborative attorney, Deborah works with clients to assist them in working out a settlement agreement in a cooperative and mindful problem solving process that places great emphasis on reducing conflict, keeping children the focus, and empowering the parties to control the outcome of their divorce.  Deborah enjoys helping clients create quality solutions to meet their and their family’s individualized needs, bringing outside professionals, such as therapists and divorce financial specialists, into the process to promote a more holistic result.
As an extension of Deborah’s commitment to conflict resolution, she serves as a Special Master for Superior Court family matters, is a current board member and former co-president of the Connecticut Council for Non-Adversarial Divorce, and acts as co-chair of the Collaborative Attorneys of Fairfield County.
Deborah holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Boston University (magna cum laude) and earned her Juris Doctorate from Boston
University School of Law (cum laude), where she earned several academic awards, including being named a Paul J. Liacos Scholar.

``I assist clients to divorce in a cooperative, productive, and mindful manner that places great emphasis on reducing conflict, keeping the children the focus, and creating quality solutions to meet their and their family's individualized needs.``

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