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Is your clutter caused by postponed decision-making?
We exist in a society of over consumption and limited time. This often translates to clutter and disorganization, which can block personal and professional growth. JKB Organizing helps people address and conquer these issues.
JKB Organizing is a Darien-based professional organizing business, founded in 2006 by Jen Burke. Jen’s mission is to help clients achieve their goals through organization, by lifting the burden of clutter and regaining control of their schedules, their belongings, and their surroundings. Jen can de-clutter anything from your home to your office, and your calendar to your mindset. She reminds clients that clutter simply represents postponed decisions, and helps clients make those important decisions to pave the way to a clutter-free life.
While people cannot control everything in their lives, Jen strongly believes that through organization they can control more than they ever thought possible. She customizes a system and plan for each of her clients that increases their productivity and confidence, reduces their stress, saves money, and frees up valuable time.

“Pave the way to a clutter-free life with JKB Organizing solutions.”

Jen demonstrates that becoming organized isn’t about another organizing container or tip, it’s about creating a system that functions for the individual. Jen provides this system, along with the skills needed for SUSTAINABLE RELIEF to live the life one strives for, while always ensuring:
• Hands on, side-by-side support
• Complete confidentiality
• Absolute honesty
• Total non-judgment
• Exceptional customer service
• Incomparable follow-up and maintenance
Jen works with busy moms and their families, small business owners, corporate executives, teachers, seniors and students. With two teenage boys of her own, Jen realizes how critical it is for kids to learn organizing principles from a young age. The struggles that some kids experience in school are often due to disorganization, rather than lack of skills. Her demeanor, patience and kindness are qualities that allow her to take action while accomplishing things at a pace that’s comfortable for the client.
Jen is a member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) and NAPO-CT, where she serves as its current Secretary and past Vice President. She is also a founding member of FOCUS (Fairfield Organizers Creating Ultimate Solutions), which is comprised of Fairfield County’s leading professional organizers. Jen and FOCUS frequently present on organizational challenges and the benefits of having an organized life at the Darien Library and other venues around Fairfield County.

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