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Cam Piasecki, JD, RCP (Founder)

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Looking for support for yourself or a loved one currently dealing with a substance use or co-occurring disorder?

Cam’s passion for helping individuals in recovery comes as a result of his own recovery journey. As an individual in long-term recovery, Cam understands what it’s like to navigate through the recovery process and strives to leverage his experience to help others achieve their own version of strong foundational recovery. Having entered recovery in his 20’s, Cam brings a unique peer experience to the people he works with through his ability to relate to clients entering recovery at a similar stage in their life.

Prior to working as a Recovery Coach Professional, Cam worked as an attorney for one of the largest global consulting firms assisting clients on multi-billion dollar transactions within the firm’s Mergers & Acquisitions group. Cam believes that his professional background, combined with his ability to relate to clients as a true peer in recovery, has helped shape his recovery coaching approach in a manner that’s personal, practical, and professional.

Cam is proud to have started NFR as a way to bring relatable and affordable addiction recovery support to individuals and their families. Everyone deserves an equal chance at geting the help they need.

Cam Piasecki, JD, RCP is a licensed Attorney, an Accredited Recovery Coach Professional (RCP), and the Founder of New Foundations Recovery LLC.

New Foundations Recovery LLC (NFR) provides Recovery Coaching, Sober Companionship & Transportation, and Treatment Consultation & Planning services to individuals and families within the Fairfield County, Westchester, and NYC areas. NFR is the only recovery services organization in the area that specializes in Recovery Coaching for individuals between the ages of 16 and 45, although we gladly work with clients of every age and background.

Recovery Coaches at NFR are in long-term recovery themselves and are matched with clients based on proximity to age, substance use/mental health history, and overall relatability. Creating a peer relationship grounded in mutual trust and understanding is critical to the mission at NFR. Every NFR employee has lived experience in recovering from substance use and/or co-occurring disorders, and we are here to walk side-by-side with individuals as they do the same.

In addition to Recovery Coaching, NFR also provides the following recovery support services:

Sober Companionship & Transport
  • Discreet and professional support for individuals during high-risk transition periods such as travel, work events, weddings, parties, and transfers between treatment facilities. All Companionships and Transports are conducted utilizing luxury SUVs for our clients and NFR proudly holds a specialty liability policy specifically for client transportation during Companionships.
  • Comprehensive Travel Planning is included for all Companionships so that families have one less thing to stress about. This includes reservations for airfare, vehicle rentals, hotels, and any other accommodations our clients wish to incorporate.

Treatment Consultation & Planning
  • Working directly with families to explore various treatment options and identifying programs that are specifically aligned to an individual’s particular needs.
  • Insurance verification assistance and coordination with treatment facilities on behalf of families. Identification of scholarship opportunities and assisting families with the application process
  • Expedited admission to treatment facilities through our trusted network of national treatment providers. NFR is totally independent from all treatment facilities but maintains strong relationships with many of the reputable providers.

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