New Foundations Recovery provides wrap-around services for young men

Cam Piasecki,RCP, Esq. is an incredibly passionate Recovery Coach and the Founder of New Foundations Recovery LLC (NFR). Cam works one-on-one with clients recovery from substance use and mental health disorders to achieve long term results. The services provided by NFR include Recovery Coaching, Sober Companionship/Transport, and Treatment Planning Consultation. NFR is proud to provide support and encouragement to individuals through their Recovery Coaching and Sober Companionship services so that they are able to transition home safely and establish long-term stability in their recovery. while they are traveling to or from residential treatment.

Prior to founding NFR, Cam worked as an M&A attorney for a large global firm, so he understands the the importance of establishing a strong recovery plan and executing on that to achieve results. Cam is in long-term recovery himself, so he is incredibly empathetic and understanding of the unique challenges people face in early recovery. One of the more notable programs that NFR is starting is a full scholarship to provide Recovery Coaching services to individuals at no-cost. Since founding NFR, Cam has always dreamed of being able to provide recovery services free of charge to individuals with limited financial capacity, so he is beyond excited to start this initiative.

Through the scholarship program, NFR hopes to provide highly motivated individuals that may have limited financial resources the additional support and accountability they deserve, without the concern of incurring additional costs. Anyone interested in learning more about NFR’s Scholarship Program is encouraged to reach out by emailing us at

In these uncertain times of the COVID-19 crisis, your mental health and well-being are more important than ever.

Many of our practitioners are happy to conduct video, FaceTime or telephone sessions in order to provide you with safe and effective continuity of care.

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