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Kids struggling in school or athletics? It might not be what you think. “Improving quality of life through vision care.”

PAUL R. BERNSTEIN, O.D. is a developmental optometrist who is Board Certified in Developmental Optometry and Vision Therapy. Dr. Bernstein has been in private practice for the past twenty-five years. He taught both clinical and laboratory courses at SUNY – State College of Optometry until 1995, when he directed all of his energy to full-time private practice. Currently, Dr. Bernstein is an Adjunct Clinical Professor at both SUNY – State College of Optometry. He supervises fourth year optometry students who rotate through his office private practice, patient care experience.

In 2000, Dr. Bernstein (or Dr. Paul as he is known in the office) founded the Bernstein Center for Visual Performance in White Plains, New York in order to emphasize the importance that Comprehensive Visual Exams and Vision Therapy have in the development of effective reading, writing, and learning experiences. His passion is helping people perform to their fullest innate potential in school, sports, business, and life in general through improved visual function.The Center specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of oculomotor, accommodative, and binocular vision problems as well as strabismus, amblyopia, visual perceptual deficits, visual motor planning issues, visual rehabilitation and sports vision enhancement. We also prescribe traditional optometric treatments (glasses, contact lenses, vision aids) as they relate to the remediation of the aforementioned visual deficits.

Dr. Paul splits his time between the Bernstein Center for Visual Performance offices in White Plains, New York and Darien, Connecticut.

Dr. Paul has lectured to numerous parent and professional groups on the role vision plays in learning and motor development.

Dr. Paul received his undergraduate degree from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and his professional degree from SUNY – State College of Optometry in 1987.