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Looking great on the outside can transform your perspective on the inside. “Professional wardrobe and style consultants helping you define your personal style for every day and every occasion.”

Erica Jensen owner and fashion consultants Corrie Belardinelli, Theresa LaBella and Suzanne Griffin comprise the Style Solutions team at the Life Solution Center. The two are professional wardrobe and style consultants, both of whom have assisted clients in determining the most flattering looks for a variety of occasions. The team will assist clients in putting together new looks using already owned pieces, as well as helping to determine what is worth keeping and updating.

  • do you stand in front of a jammed full closet & feel like you have nothing to wear?

  • when you get dressed every day, do you feel like something is off…that you don’t have the right things to wear to look & feel your best?

  • are you re-entering the job market and wondering if what you’re planning to wear represents the you you’d like your colleagues to see?

  • do you feel like your wardrobe needs ‘tweaking,’  but you’re not sure what to update, alter, or ditch?

  • have you recently undergone a major life change and want to re-invent, improve or polish your image?

The Style Solutions team can help!