The WHOLE LIFE Assessment


The Whole Life Assessment was created to help patients recover more quickly. It addresses a full a range of contributing factors by evaluating behavioral health, medical, and lifestyle factors at once.

Effective solutions can’t be provided without first targeting the problem.  Often people suffer unnecessarily because the problems they face are not accurately identified. 

Maud helps patients who’ve been treated for years by other behavioral health and medical professionals without significant improvement. They feel hopeless and lack emotional well-being and peace-of-mind. However, once their problems and potential solutions are identified through the Whole Life Assessment, they feel healthier, happier, more hopeful, and ready to take on life’s challenges.

While the Whole Life Assessment – and ensuing treatment – is effective in a variety of situations, it is particularly helpful for scenarios in which:

  • You are “healthy” but don’t feel as though you are living your best life

  • You have been to other professionals and symptoms haven’t remitted

  • You have a range of symptoms and aren’t sure where to turn

  • You’re going through a life transition and need a team of support

  • You aren’t sure if your symptoms are situational, behavioral, or medical

  • You are juggling multiple problems and need an organized approach or plan of action

Maud has spent over twenty-five years evaluating patients and learning the nuances of proper and complete problem identification and treatment.  She has studied patient referral patterns and interacted extensively with professionals from a variety of disciplines.

Her experience running the Life Solution Center of Darien has ultimately amounted to a body of research.  Out of it she has drawn not just data, but an actionable approach to diagnosing people more accurately and efficiently, causing patients to experience emotional health, life balance, and peace-of-mind.

If you are interested in learning more please click here and email us your name and number to set up a short  discovery call which will determine if a Whole Life Assessment is appropriate for your needs.