9 Ways to Cope During a Divorce When It All Feels Like Too Much – Maud Purcell Interviewed in GoodRX Health Article

A divorce is one of life’s most challenging events. It can lead to high levels of stress, anxiety, and depression and can cause people to become socially isolated.

In some situations, a divorce can feel like a positive and healthy life change. If you’re leaving an abusive relationship or a spouse who cheats, for example, you may feel a sense of relief. However, you’ll still face challenges as you go through the divorce process.

On the other hand, you may be in a situation that doesn’t bring any relief or positive feelings. For instance, you may have thought your marriage was humming along just fine. And you felt shocked and betrayed when your spouse told you they wanted a divorce.

No matter how you got here, divorce can be devastating. Below, you’ll find strategies to cope with feelings like sadness, anger, and grief — all of which are normal responses to the end of a marriage. Plus, we’ve included tips on how to discuss divorce with children and teens and a list of divorce support groups.


Tips for coping before and after divorce

If you’re struggling with a divorce, these strategies can help. Some are meant to help you take care of your mental and physical health. Others focus on helping you find support from loved ones and from professionals like mediators and counselors.


1. Be compassionate to yourself

Practicing self-compassion can go a long way when you’re having a hard time. Try not to blame yourself. Be kind and forgiving to yourself. Remember that painful experiences are as much a natural part of life as joyful experiences are.

2. Surround yourself with family and friends

Trying to get through a divorce alone can cause more stress and anxiety and can affect your relationships and work. Share your thoughts and feelings with people you trust in order to get the support you need…

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