Going the Extra Mile Brings Success

Going the Extra Mile Brings Success

Whether it’s your job, a business you run, or a relationship you’re in,”going the extra mile” will greatly increase your chances of success.

Both personally and professionally, I’ve learned that doing that additional kind deed, or making that extra effort, strengthens relationships.  On the work front, doing so is key to effective customer service; on the personal front, great relationships involve both parties giving 110%.

In most cases, going the extra mile involves the smallest of gestures.  And although the value of such a deed is often incalculable, what it engenders is usually greater than anything that can be measured.

According to the dictionary, going the extra mile means “to make more effort than is expected of you.” Recently, I had to cancel the services of a professional last minute, due to a patient emergency.  When I tried to pay her for her time, she absolutely refused to accept payment. This wasn’t lost on me; when Christmas came around, I gave her double the amount of money I usually do.

It’s hard to quantify the value of a smile or of a kind word; the impact of lending an extra hand to someone “just because”.  Doing a kind deed doesn’t just bless the receiver; you’ll find that it brightens your own day. And as a side benefit, you might just receive an unexpected gift, or the extra loyalty of a friend or client.  Whatever the case may be, you’ll often find that your effort pays off exponentially!

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